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The Outside Years

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Esoteric Recordings

The Outside Years features remastered versions of Jim's final two albums, and also features 35 bonus tracks from the Capaldi family archive including demos, studio out-takes and live performances. It spans the years 1993-2004.

"His music here is still as agile as it is muscular...a vivid collection of songs from a unique artist" ✩✩✩✩✩

Brian McGowan, Get Ready To Rock!


Disc 1

Living On the Outside

01  Living On the Outside

02  Standing in My Light

03  Anna Julia

04  Time Passes

05  Riding the Storm

06  We’re Not Alone

07  Heart of Stone

08  Love You ‘til The Day I Die

09  One Man Mission

10  Good Lovin’

Bonus tracks

11  Bathed in Love

12  Good Lovin’ (alternate version)

13  State of Grace (demo)

14  How Do I Get to Heaven (demo)

15  Love’s Got a Hold On Me (featuring George Harrison)

Disc 2

Poor Boy Blue

01  Poor Boy Blue

02  Edge of Love

03  Into the Void

04  Breathless

05  Getting Stronger

06  Secrets in the Dark

07  Long Legs

08  Scream It to the Dark

09  California Sunset

10  Bright Fighter

11  I’ve Been Changing

12  Now is the Time

Bonus tracks

13  My Love Will Always Be With You

14  Strange Bird

15  Tallulah (demo)

16  Don’t Say Goodbye

17  40,000 Headmen

18  Hidden Treasure (reinvented)

Disc 3

Live Recordings 1993 – 2001

Live at Bullet Sound Studios

01  Child in the Storm

02  The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

03  Man With No Country

04  Old Photographs

05  Tales of Power

Harald Schmidt Show - January 1997

06  Glad / Tales of Power

Solo Acoustic performance – Philadelphia 19 June 1999

07  Man With No Country

08  Love Will Keep Us Alive

09  Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

10  Favella Music

11  Elixir of Life

Konzerthaus, Stuttgart - 30 November 2001

12  Something So Strong

Disc 4

Live at The Music Hall, Cologne - 14 May 2002

01  Living On the Outside

02  Tales of Power

03  Heart of Stone

04  Love Will Keep Us Alive

05  Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

06  40,000 Headmen

07  Evil Love

08  Gifts of Unknown Things

09  Rock n’ Roll Stew

10  Love’s Got a Hold On Me

11  Elixir of Life

12  Light Up or Leave Me Alone


Compiled by Paul Minkkinen & Aninha Capaldi

Boxed set co-ordinated and produced by Mark Powell
Additional coordination by Vicky Powell for Esoteric Recordings

24-bit digital remastering by Ben Wiseman at Broadlake Studios

Artwork package by Meriel Waissman

Grateful thanks to Aninha Capaldi, Paul Minkkinen and Tabitha Capaldi.
Esoteric Recordings would also like to thank Dave Corbett and all at FX Copyroom and Paul Robinson, Jon Roberts, Lorne Murdoch, Matt Ingham, Adam Velasco and all at Cherry Red Records

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