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Living On The Outside Album Cover

Living On The Outside

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Steamhammer / SPV

Again featuring contributions from long-time collaborators and friends George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Paul Weller, Gary Moore and Ian Paice; Jim delivered a timeless album which has the same energy as anything he released in the 1970s.

"They say the ice is melting, and the earth is warming up. All the animals are dying, don't know where it's gonna stop"

Living On The Outside


01 Living On The Outside

02 Standing In My Light

03 Anna Julia

04 Time Passes

05 Riding The Storm

06 We're Not Alone

07 Heart Of Stone

08 Love You ‘Til The Day I Die

09 One Man Mission

10 Good Lovin


Produced by Jim Capaldi and Rene Tinner

All songs written by Jim Capaldi, except “Riding The Storm” and “Heart Of Stone” written by Jim Capaldi and P. Vale; “Anna Julia” written by Jim Capaldi and Marcelo Camelo; “Time Passes” written by Jim Capaldi, N. Graham and T. Hardwell; “We're Not Alone” written by M. Leeson and P. Vale; and “One Man Mission” written by Jim Capaldi, Parren and Bonas.

Recorded at Can Studio, Mayfair Studio, Netherturkdonic Studio and Deep River Studio

Mixed at Can Studio

Engineers: Rene Tinner, Savvas Iosfidis, Mick Dolan, Pete Vale

Mastered by John Dent at Loud Mastering


Guitar: Mick Dolan

Acoustic Guitar on “Living On The Outside”: Jim Capaldi

Guitar on “Standing In My Light”: Paul Weller

Guitar solo on “Anna Julia”: George Harrison

Guitar on “We’re Not Alone”: Pete Vale

Lead Guitar on “Heart Of Stone”: Gary Moore

Keyboards: Chris Parren, with Jim Capaldi on “Riding The Storm”

Synthesizer: Steve Winwood on “Riding The Storm”

Piano: Jim Capaldi and Chris Parren on “Heart Of Stone”

Organ: Helmut “Jumpy” Zerlett, Jim Capaldi on “Living On The Outside”, and Chris Parren on “Standing In My Light”, “Heart Of Stone” and “Love You ‘Til The Day I Die”

Strings on “Heart Of Stone” and “Love You ‘Til The Day I Die”: Jim Capaldi

Bass: Mick Dolan, Nick Graham on “Time Passes”, Jim Capaldi Keyboard Bass on “Heart Of Stone” and “Love You ‘Til The Day I Die”

Percussion: Jim Capaldi

Drums: Jim Capaldi, Ian Paice on “Anna Julia” and “We’re Not Alone”

Sequencer on “Riding The Storm”: Jim Capaldi

Backing Vocals: Renata Otta on “Living On The Outside”, Paul Weller on “Anna Julia”, and Nick Graham on “Time Passes”

Paul Weller appears courtesy of Independiente Records.

Gary Moore appears courtesy of Sanctuary Records.

Ian Paice appears courtesy of EMI Records.

Photography: Jim Capaldi

Design /Artwork: Qd

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