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A collection of Jim's solo and Traffic lyrics

Jim Capaldi was a prolific lyricist throughout his career, most notably for Traffic's 11 albums. His catalogue included hits such as 'Dear Mr. Fantasy', '40,000 Headmen' and 'Paper Sun'. Initially influenced by The Beatles, Capaldi went on to write for the likes of the Eagles and perform alongside industry legends like George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. His contributions to rock music and lyrics will always be remembered.


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Launched ten years ago and out of print for many years, Mr Fantasy is a celebration of the life and lyrics of Traffic's drummer, poet and founder, the late Jim Capaldi. Over 70 handwritten lyrics are illustrated by images of Traffic and the recollections of 40 legendary contributors. Including Yusuf / Cat Stevens, Dave Mason, Tom Petty, Pete Townshend, Joe Walsh, Paul Weller and many more.


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Dear Mr Fantasy


Dear Mr Fantasy

Play us a tune

Something to make us all happy

Do anything

Take us out of this gloom

Sing a song

Play guitar

Make it snappy

You are the one

Who can make us all laugh

But doing that you break out in tears

Please don’t be sad

If it was a straight mind you had

We wouldn’t have known you

All these years

Love Will Keep You Alive
JC & Piano_edited.jpg


I was standing
All alone against the world outside
You were searching
For a place to hide
Lost and lonely
Now you’ve given me the will to survive
When we’re hungry
Love will keep us alive

Don’t you worry
Sometimes you've just gotta let it ride
The world is changing
Right before your eyes
Now I’ve found you
There’s no more emptiness inside
When we’re hungry
Love will keep us alive

I would die for you
Climb the highest mountain
Baby there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you

Now I’ve found you there’s no more emptiness inside
When we’re hungry
Love will keep us alive

Whale Meat Again


Whale meat again
Under the sun
Every twelve minutes and another one’s gone
His meat is in your makeup
His flesh is on your lips
As a nuclear warhead explodes in his hips
Scientist’s are saying
We’ve got to do something soon
But sitting around talking about it
Ain’t gonna stop that harpoon
Whale meat again when will it end
Not till everything is dead

Woman is in labour
She screams at the sky
Somebody take the pain away
I’m gonna lay here and die
Doctor rushes in and puts a needle in her skin
And say’s “Oh come on you really must try”
If you go slowly then you won’t be lonely
But everybody keeps on rushing around
It’s bringing me down

Mr Politician can’t you see
You’re gonna kill everything including you and me
So while you’re talking in your expensive clothes
I think somebody’s gonna shove something

Right up your nose


The whale boats are sailing
Tonight they will be whaling
There gonna be frying tonight
Oh beauty and all the love
Oh God if you’re really up above
Do something now

JC Grand Canyon (1).jpeg
Old Photograhs
Jim in 1971 (1).jpeg


Yesterday I felt the wind blowing around my shoulder
Feel like I’m getting older still I can’t forget your face
Separated by a million miles of ocean
My heart still feels emotion
Even in this lonely place

Old photographs and places I remember
Just like a dying ember that’s burned into my soul
Even though we walk the diamond studded highways
It’s the country lanes and byways that make us long for home

Lately I just find my mind has turned to dreaming
Making plans and scheming how I’m gonna get back home
But deep down inside I know it’s really hopeless
The road I’m on is endless
We climb our mountains all alone

Old photographs and places I remember
Just like a dying ember that’s burned into my soul
Even though we walk the diamond studded highways
It’s the country lanes and byways that makes us long for home

Living On The Outside


Creeping down the alley searching through the trash
You used to own a chalet before the market crashed
Now your clothes are torn and dirty
And your face is looking mean
Valentino and Versace it was such an ugly scene
When you are living on the inside
The inside where you thought you had to be
But I’m living on the outside
The outside it don’t bother me

It’s a terrible obsession trying to make it to the top
A man in your profession can’t afford to be a flop
Gotta get yourself connected get the mobile phone
You don’t want to be rejected you don’t want to be alone
So you’re living on the inside
The inside and all that money brings
But I’m living on the outside
The outside nobody pulls my strings

It’s like the inquisition at the hottest club in town
There’s so much competition tryin’ to do each other down
No one’s saying nothing and Madonna looks so cold
When you’re trying to be natural
It’s the hardest pose to hold
So you’re living on the inside
The inside where everybody wants to be
But I’m living on the outside
Outside where the air is free

They say the ice is melting and the earth is warming up
All the animals are dying don’t know where it’s gonna stop
You just look at your computer there’s no need to be upset
You got virtual reality you’re on the internet
And you’re living on the inside
The inside where you think you gotta be
But I’m living on the outside
The outside take a walk with me
Take a walk with me

Playing drums_ Jim in 1970's_edited.jpg
Light Up Or Leave Me Alone


Sometimes I feel like I’m fading away
You’re looking at me I’ve got nothing to say
Don’t make me angry with the games that you play
Either light up or leave me alone

You walk in my room and lie on my bed
Open your mouth and shoot someone dead
All of a sudden you’re inside my head
Either light up or leave me alone

Spending my bread like it grew on a tree
Trying to tell me about the birds and the bees
And the skirt that you’re wearing is way past your knees
Either light up or leave me alone

You’re up all night preaching your mind
Come home in the morning with your latest find
I’m gonna have to lay it to you straight on the line
Either light up or leave me alone

40000 Headmen

40,000 HEADMEN

40,000 headmen couldn’t make me change my mind
If I had to take the choice between the deafman and the blind
I know just where my feet should go and that’s enough for me
So I turned around and knocked them down and walked across the sea

Hadn’t travelled very far when suddenly I saw
Three small ships a sailing’o’ towards the distant shore
So lighting up a cigarette I followed in pursuit
And found a secret cave where they obviously stashed their loot

Filling up my pockets even stuffed it up my nose
I must have weighed a hundred tons between my head and toes
I ventured forth before the dawn had time to change its mind
And soaring high above the clouds I found a golden shrine

Laying down my treasure before the iron gate
Quickly rang the bell hoping I didn’t come too late
But someone came along and told me not to waste my time
And when I asked him who he was he said ‘just look behind’

So I turned around and forty thousand headmen bit the dirt
Firing twenty shotguns each and man it really hurt
But luckily for me they had to stop and then reload
And by the time they’d done that I was heading down the road

The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
JC in 1970's.jpeg


If you see something that looks like a star
And it’s shooting up out of the ground
And your head is spinning from a loud guitar
And you just can’t escape from the sound
Don’t worry too much it’ll happen to you
We were children once playing with toys
And the thing that you’re hearing is only the sound
Of the low spark of high heeled boys

The percentage you’re paying is too high priced
While you’re living beyond all your means
And the man in the suit has just bought a new car
From the profit he’s made on your dreams
But today you just read that the man was shot dead
By a gun that didn’t make any noise
But it wasn’t the bullet that laid him to rest
It was the low spark of high heeled boys

If you had just a minute to breathe
And they offered you one final wish
Would you ask for something like another chance
Or something similar to this
Don’t worry too much it’ll happen to you
As sure as your sorrows are joys
And the thing that disturbs you is only the sound
Of the low spark of high heeled boys

If I gave you everything that I owned

And I asked for nothing in return
Would you do the same for me as I would for you
Or take me for a ride and strip me of everything
Including my pride but spirit is something
That no one destroys
And the thing that I’m hearing is only the sound
Of the low spark of high heeled boys

Paper Sun


Well you think you’re having good times
With the boy that you just met
Kicking sand from beach to beach
Your clothes all soaking wet
But if you look around and see your shadow on the run

Don’t be too upset because it’s just the paper sun

In the room where you’ve been sleeping
All your clothes are thrown about
Cigarettes burn window sills
Your meter’s all run out
But then again it’s nothing
You just split when day is done
Hitching lifts to nowhere
Hung upon the paper sun

Standing in the cool of my room
Fresh cut flowers bring me sweet perfume
Too much sun will burn

When you are feeling tired and lonely
You see people going home
But you can’t make the train fare
Or the six pence for the phone
And the icicles your crying
Down your cheeks have just begun
Don’t be sad good times were had
Beneath the paper sun


Daylight breaks

While you sleep on the sand
A seagull is stealing the ring from your hand
The boy that had given you so much fun
Has left you so cold
In the paper sun

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