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Some Come Running Album Cover

Some Come Running

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Jim triumphantly returned to Island Records in 1988 with a renewed sense of purpose, and produced some of his biggest radio hits in the US for many years, including 'Something So Strong' which was featured in the cult movie "Best Of The Best". Joined by old friends Steve Winwood, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and others, critics noted the re-energised sound of Jim’s new record.

"Capaldi’s songwriting was energized by his embrace of the new recording technology"

Joe Marchese, The Second Disc


01 Something So Strong

02 Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

03 Dancing On The Highway

04 Some Come Running

05 Voices In The Night

06 You Are The One

07 Take Me Home

08 Oh Lord, Why Lord


Produced by Jim Capaldi and L’Equipe, except “Oh Lord, Why Lord” produced by Jim Capaldi

All songs written by Jim Capaldi, Pete Vale and Miles Waters, except “You Are The One” written by Jim Capaldi and Chris Parren; “Take Me Home” written by Jim Capaldi, Chris Thompson and A. Qunta; and “Oh Lord, Why Lord” written by P. Trim and J. M. Bouchety.

Recorded at Backyard Studios (Engineer: Phil Ault), Bray Studios (Engineer: Ed Buller), Extension Studios (Engineer: Richard Dodd), The Fallout Shelter (Engineer: Lee Hamblin), Friar Park Studios (Engineer: Andy MacPherson), Maison Rouge Studios (Engineer: Tim Oliver), Revolution Studios (Engineer: Dietmar Schillinger), Tone Deaf Studios (Engineer: Arpad Toth)

Mixed by Andy MacPherson at Revolution Studios and Fallout Studios


Guitar: Peter Vale on “Dancing On The Highway”, “Voices In The Night”, “You Are The One” and “Take Me Home”, Steve Winwood on “Something So Strong”, Mike Mehir on “Dancing On The Highway”, Miles Waters on “Dancing On The Highway” and “Some Come Running”, Mick Ralphs on “Take Me Home”, Eric Clapton on “You Are The One” and “Oh Lord, Why Lord”, and George Harrison on “Oh Lord, Why Lord”.

Keyboards: Peter Vale, Steve Winwood on “Something So Strong” and “Some Come Running”, Miles Waters on “You Are The One”, Chris Parren on “Take Me Home” and “Oh Lord, Why Lord”

Saxophone: Mel Collins on “Take Me Home”

Bass: Peter Vale, Rosko Gee on “Oh Lord, Why Lord”

Drums: Jim Capaldi

Backing Vocals: Steve Winwood, Peter Vale and Phil Capaldi

Synth & Drum Programming: L’Equipe & Richie Close

Additional Drum Programming: Arpad Toth

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