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Let The Thunder Cry Album Cover

Let The Thunder Cry

Original Release Date: 


Original Label:

Carrere / EMI

Let The Thunder Cry marked a return to more familiar sonic territory, following the experimentation on Jim’s recent releases. It was hailed both for its intelligent lyrical comment on social issues, and some of his strongest material in a while. His growing confidence as a singer is a thrill to behold.

"Capaldi has not lost his ability to churn out edgy rockers"

Lindsay Planer, AllMusic


01 Let The Thunder Cry

02 Favela Music

03 Child In The Storm

04 Only Love

05 Louie Louie

06 Warm

07 Dreams Do Come True

08 Old Photographs

09 We Don’t Need

10 Anxiety


Produced by Jim Capaldi and John Taylor

All songs written by Jim Capaldi, except “Let The Thunder Cry” written by Jim Capaldi and Pete Bonas; “Child In The Storm” written by Jim Capaldi and Misha Cipra; “Louie Louie” written by Richard Berry; “Warm” written by Richard Hurley; and “Old Photographs” written by Jim Capaldi, Gilson Joran and Marcello.

Recorded at Filmakers Recording, Amsterdam

Engineered by John Etchells

Mixed at Jam Studios, London


Guitar: Pete Bonas, Claudete de Azevedo on “Old Photographs”

Keyboards: Chris Parren, Jose Roberto Bertrami on “Old Photographs”

Synthesizer on “Old Photographs”: Steve Winwood

Bass: Brent Forbes, Henry Thomas on”Favela Music” and “We Don’t Need”, Jose Alexandre Malheiros on “Old Photographs”, and Jo Cang on “Anxiety”

Percussion: Jim Capaldi, Reebop Kwaaku Bah on “We Don’t Need”, and both on “Favela Music”

Drums: Simon Kirke on “Let The Thunder Cry”, ”Only Love”, and “Louie Louie”; Jim Capaldi on ”Favela Music”, “Dreams Do Come True”, and “Anxiety”; Andy Newmark on “Child In The Storm” and “We Don’t Need”; Steve Creese on “Warm”; and Ivan Miguel Conti Maranhao on “Old Photographs”.

Saxophone on “Child In The Storm”, “Dreams Do Come True” and “Old Photographs”: Mel Collins

Trumpet on “Child In The Storm” and “Dreams Do Come True”: Martin Drover

Cor Anglais on “Old Photographs”: Moises Davi Einhorn

Backing Vocals: Vicki Brown, Richard Court, Jim Capaldi

String arrangement on “Old Photographs” by Clovis C. de Melo

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