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Dear Mr Fantasy: The Jim Capaldi Story

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Island / UMC

Fulfilling a long-held wish of Jim's to showcase his entire career through all its evolutions and revolutions, this loving and comprehensive celebration of Jim's work demonstrates his immense power as a writer and performer.

"...a musician and songwriter who was always ahead of the curve..." ✩✩✩✩

Mark Blake, Mojo


Disc 1

01  The Hellions: Daydreaming Of You

02  Revolution: Hallelujah

03  Deep Feeling: Pretty Colours

04  Traffic: Dealer

05  Traffic: Dear Mr. Fantasy

06  Traffic: Light Up Or Leave Me Alone

07  Traffic: Rock And Roll Stew

08  Jim Capaldi: 40,000 Headmen

09  Eric Clapton & Friends: Pearly Queen

10  Jim Capaldi: Tricky Dicky Rides Again

11  Jim Capaldi: Oh How We Danced

12  Jim Capaldi: Eve

13  Jim Capaldi: Don't Be A Hero

14  Jim Capaldi: Open Your Heart

15  Jim Capaldi: How Much Can A Man Really Take

16  Jim Capaldi: Low Rider

17  Jim Capaldi: Whale Meat Again

Disc 2

01  Jim Capaldi: It's All Up To You

02  Jim Capaldi: Love Hurts

03  Jim Capaldi: Short Cut Draw Blood

04  Jim Capaldi: Boy With A Problem

05  Jim Capaldi: Seagull

06  Jim Capaldi: You And Me

07  Jim Capaldi: Game Of Love

08  Jim Capaldi: Elixir Of Life

09  Jim Capaldi: Shoe Shine [Disco Mix]

10  Jim Capaldi: Hotel Blues

11  Jim Capaldi: Tabitha

12  Jim Capaldi: Electric Nights

13  Jim Capaldi: Wild Geese

14  Jim Capaldi: Every Man Must March To The Beat Of His Own Drum

15  Jim Capaldi: Man With No Country

16  Jim Capaldi: Going Home

Disc 3

01  Jim Capaldi: Let The Thunder Cry

02  Jim Capaldi: Favella Music

03  Jim Capaldi: Child In The Storm

04  Jim Capaldi: Warm

05  Jim Capaldi: Old Photographs

06  Jim Capaldi: We Don't Need

07  Jim Capaldi: Tonight You're Mine

08  Jim Capaldi: Living On The Edge

09  Jim Capaldi: That's Love

10  Jim Capaldi: Gifts Of Unknown Things

11  Jim Capaldi: Lost Inside Your Love

12  Jim Capaldi: Tales Of Power

13  Jim Capaldi: Warriors Of Love

14  Jim Capaldi: Something So Strong

15  Jim Capaldi: Oh Lord, Why Lord

16  Jim Capaldi: Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

17  Jim Capaldi: Some Come Running

18  Jim Capaldi: Living On The Outside

Disc 4

01  Jim Capaldi: Standing In My Light

02  Jim Capaldi: Anna Julia

03  Jim Capaldi: Love You 'Til The Day I Die

04  Jim Capaldi: State Of Grace

05  Jim Capaldi: Tallulah

06  Jim Capaldi: Humanity (Just Another Checkpoint)

07  Jim Capaldi: Bright Fighter

08  Jim Capaldi: Strange Bird

09  Jim Capaldi: How Do I Get To Heaven

10  Jim Capaldi: Love's Got A Hold Of Me

11  Jim Capaldi: Song For George

12  Jim Capaldi: The Time Of Cholera

13  Jim Capaldi: Invaders Of The Heart

14  Jim Capaldi: Getting Stronger

15  Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason: Love Will Keep Us Alive

16  Traffic: Dear Mr. Fantasy


Music compilation by Aninha Capaldi and Paul Minkkinen

Compilation assistance, liaison, tape research and production co-ordination by Mark Powell

Project Management: Daryl Easlea

24-bit digital remastering by Paschal Byrne at The Audio Archiving Company, London

Additional analogue to digital transfers by Ben Wiseman at The Audio Archiving Company

Additional master tape research by Pete A. Matthews at Universal Music Tape Facility, London

Cover Design & Layout: Mark James

Cover Photograph: Neal Preston

Photography: Dick Polak, Gordon Jackson, Stephanie Wood, John Benton-Harris, Gered Mankowitz, Barrie Wentzell, Jim Marshall, Pennie Smith, Mike Berkofsky, Judy Totton, Viebeke Dahl, Julian Sutton, Dave Brolan

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